Thank you for your interest in my products.

Much to my complete surprise what started as a solution to my attention to detail (OCD….lol), has developed into a cottage (or in my case Shed) industry.

I've had some fantastic feedback from you guys and am always looking to expand the range.

Please take the time to fill in the form below to express interest in an item currently in design or testing and I will make contact with you as soon as I am ready to ship, this will save you the time of constantly checking back.

Also any ideas or suggestions you guys have (bike related or not) would be gratefully received.

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Innovative design at affordable prices.
Current Versions

Triumph Tiger 800/1200 Gen 3 ready for immediate shipping
Triumph Tiger 800 Gen 1 ready for immediate shipping

In design:-
Triumph Tiger 1200 Gen 1
Triumph Tiger 1050
Triumph Tiger Gen3 headlight protector
Triumph Tiger 1200 Gen 1 Engine bash plate

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